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Our unique language learning techniques will make you Speak Hindi naturally and fluently in few months.


Hindi is Spoken by
615 Million People

According to 2021 Data(First+Second+Third Language Speakers)

Simple and Easy

Hindi is simple and easy compared to other Indian languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu.


Enjoy your favourite Bollywood songs and movies.

More Job opportunities

Knowing an extra language is always highly beneficial in fetching jobs related to management field.

Business Expansion

Knowing Hindi helps expanding your business PAN India.

Ease of Travel

Travel with ease anywhere in North India and communicate with locals.

Networking and Friends

Opens your way to network and connect with millions of people PAN India from Big metros like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and more.


Learn Hindi Naturally

Our method is Super Simple! You will learn Hindi like a child does by diving deep into the language emotionally.

Hindi through Tamil/English

Learning a Language through your mother-tongue is one of the easiest and fastest way to pick-up a language.

Role-plays in Hindi

Performing Real life role-plays like shopping, dating, meeting your old friend etc., makes you involve emotionally.

Beautiful Bollywood Songs

Just like other languages Hindi too has got some really beautiful songs in all genres. Learning a language through songs is an Emotional adventure.

Converse with Native Speakers

This is the No.1 way to get the confidence to speak a language fluently. You will be given opportunities to speak with Native speakers.

Students Testimonial

We have taught students from different backgrounds. Here are few of our students reviews.

I wanted to learn Hindi because it's really important when it comes to my career. I will be attending placements next year. I came to know about Zebra Spoken Hindi through my old school friend. She was speaking good Hindi during get-together. I joined them with a hope that I too can speak good Hindi. And it became true in 3 months. Their way of teaching through real life activities is excellent and since the mentor speaks Hindi, Tamil and English, he made me easily understand. They also made us speak with Native Hindi speakers. I am happy that I met my old school friend through whom I came to know about Zebra Spoken Hindi. And Thank you Zebra Spoken Hindi for your individual care and attention which made me speak hindi with ease and confidence.

Ramesh kumar MBA Student

I am doing journalism in MCC, Chennai. I love Hindi songs and movies. But I because I didn't know Hindi I used translation to understand everything. I had Hindi subject in school but I wish I had good teachers who taught us to speak Hindi. I cleared all Hindi exams but later I felt I had wasted my time doing these. It's didn't help me speak and understand Hindi. Those Hindi was different from what is actually spoken in North India. I felt really angry for I have wasted so much of time. But still deep inside me I still had the passion to learn Spoken Hindi and now I was clear about what I wanted. I contacted lots of tutors but many were taeching HINDI just for exams. I tried Instagram and asked Native speakers to teach me but no one was interested and also didn't know to teach. That's when I got to know about Zebra Spoken Hindi. I contacted them and they also gave us demo class. I was very much satisfied and so I joined. The tutor knew Tamil too. So he made us easily understand. He also conducted lots of interesting activities which makes us give our full involvement and also made us talk to native speakers. In few months I was able to speak Hindi without thinking and with confidence. They not only fullfill my dream but also my career. Being a journalist knowing Hindi is an added advantage. Learning a language is a completely different journey. It's an Lifetime asset. I will never forget you ever for your support and help in making me speak Hindi fluently.

Divya Sreenivasan Journalist from MCC

I have always wanted to learn Hindi from my childhood. But in Tamilnadu there were no good teachers and we studied Hindi only to clear exams. Now I am 29 and I cleared my interview and I was posted in Delhi. I felt this as an right opportunity to learn Hindi and tried lots of tutors but everyone spoke bookish Hindi. I tried many apps where we can talk with Native speakers but of now use since they couldn't explain or teach. I was exhausted and scrolling instagram and that's when I came to know about Zebra Spoken Hindi. I went through their posts and they were explained really well. It was not bookish HINDI. They were actual Hindi spoken in North India. I joined Zebra Spoken Hindi. The tutor followed a fun and interactive way of teaching. Within few weeks I was able to understand Hindi movies and in 3 months I was able to speak hindi fluently. Their teaching method is what makes the difference. We had some interesting role-plays in Hindi like dating with a girl, going in taxi. I had great fun and at the same time learnt to speak Hindi very well. Bahut Shukriya Zebra Spoken Hindi and you don't know how happy I am!

Neeraj Working in Delhi
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